Сase Study: How a GIF countdown timer helped us make 20% of 4 months revenue in just one day

Andrew, Founder at Parsio

Parsio Case Study

The idea of Parsio came to us in 2016 when we were developing e-commerce extensions and selling them on different marketplaces. Like any other marketplace seller, we were receiving order confirmation and customer details once someone purchased the extension. Some of the sold extensions needed license keys that we had to generate manually and send to customers as soon as possible.

However, those marketplaces had no API so we were bound to keep our eyes peeled for any new email coming into the company’s inbox in order to manually generate and then send the license. That was a pretty monotonous and time-consuming task, that’s why we started searching for an internal solution that would save us hundreds of hours (and a lot of money). That’s how we launched Parsio - a SaaS email parser tool that extracts data automatically from emails and can either export it to an Excel sheet or pipeline it to a newsletter platform, CRM or any other platform.

After the product was launched we had to have it tested. Would it be helpful and attractive for potential customers? To understand this, we chose AppSumo as a testing platform for our new product. We launched a Parsio Lifetime Deal on AppSumo at the end of December 2021 (and decided not to use any marketing tools they offered). The AppSumo campaign was supposed to last for 4 months, til April 2022.

The sales were coming in waves. Soon after launching a campaign one quickly gets on top of the AppSumo hot deals, and that’s what brought us our first clients. Once you get your first 10 reviews, AppSumo makes a shoutout about you on their Facebook. This made us get some supplementary sales. Once one’s tool is at 20 AppSumo reviews, they make an Email Shoutout and a Rising Star collection - our sales increased due to this, too.

It’s a well-known fact that some companies opt for a barter technique to get new leads: they propose some additional features, credits and bonuses to their clients in exchange for good reviews. However, that wasn’t our choice - we only wanted natural reviews from people who were willing on their own to share their positive experience of using Parsio.

So I can say that our customer flow was pretty stable, and that was exactly what we needed. We were collecting feedback and constantly improving it adding new features and enhancements.

Parsio + Mailtimer = ❤️

Mailtimer allows you to create dynamic email countdown timers. It’s an animated GIF that counts down to a specific time - basically, it’s a ticking clock that you can insert anywhere in your email or a newsletter to create a sense of urgency and an appeal for clients to seal the deal even if they were not thinking of it before.

Three days before the end of the Lifetime Deal on AppSumo we decided to send an email campaign to our clients with a reminder for them about the upcoming end of the Parsio sales on AppSumo. To create the sense of pressure and of the time running out, we inserted a Mailtimer countdown GIF into this email.

Parsio email campaign with Mailtimer countdown timer

What happened next was far beyond our expectations. The number of people visiting the Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo from that email campaign increased significantly, and our sales were wildly boosted.

Old clients of ours started to purchase additional AppSumo codes and recommend Parsio to their friends and colleagues. License codes were bought in dozens per hour - all of this brought us 20% of the past 4 months revenues in just 24 hours!

Parsio unique visitors graph

Based on this real use-case example of our own, we can now vouch for Mailtimer’s efficiency in terms of sales growth. Better than anything else, countdown GIFs can encourage potential buyers to make a decision to purchase - try them out to boost up your business!

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