Frequently Asked Questions

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How do Mailtimer countdowns work?
Every time someone opens an email containing your timer, our server generates an animated GIF in real time. Therefore, customers always see accurate countdown timers.
Will Mailtimer countdowns work on a website as well?
Yes! Mailtimer generates a unique URL containing a GIF animation that you can insert into any HTML document.
How can I insert it into my emails or on a website?
Mailtimer will generate you a short HTML snippet containing an <img> tag that you can simply paste into your HTML template: whether in an email or on a website. If you need any help, chat with us or email us at [email protected].
Can I use Mailtimer for free?
Yes! Our Free plan includes 100,000 timer views and a lot of customizable settings.
How are timer views used up?
Your Mailtimer account is credited every month with a number of view credits according to your pricing plan. A view is used when someone views one of your timers (e.g. when an email containing your timer is opened).
What happens when I've used up all my views?
You can still use your Mailtimer account to create and edit timers but users won't be able to see them until the next billing period. Alternatively, you can upgrade your subscription to get more view credits.
How do I download an invoice?
You can view and download your monthly invoices from your Account > Billing page.
Do you offer high-volume plans?
Yes! Email us at [email protected] to discuss our high-volume pricing.
Are timers clickable? Can we automatically change the destination URL as soon as the timer expires?
Yes, clickable dynamic links redirect users to a destination page according to the timer status (active or expired).
Can we customize the message displayed when the timer countdown is over?
Yes, countdown expired messages are customizable!
Can we have a timer that starts counting down only when the person loads the page?
Yes, we have 2 types of "Evergreen" timers: start the timer either from the sent date, or start the timer when a recipient opens the email (each user will have their own expiration date in this case).
Can we track timer views and clicks in real time?
Yes, we have a real-time dashboard that shows you how many views and clicks your timers are getting.
What happens if I delete a timer? How will it impact users that have already received it by email?
Recipients will not see any errors or broken images. The timer will just not be displayed anymore.
Are Mailtimer timers compatible with my marketing platform?
Yes, our timers are compatible with any email marketing platform (Mailchimp, Sendingblue, Salesforce, Klaviyo, MailerLite, etc).
Are Mailtimer timers mobile-friendly?
Yes, our countdown timers are fully responsive. They works everywhere - from a smartphone, to a tablet, to a desktop.
Will Mailtimer timers work in any email client?
Mailtimer supports nearly every email client. However, some email clients (e.g. Outlook 2007-2013) do not support animated GIFs. In this case, the timer will be displayed as a static image.
I have other questions about Mailtimer.
Certainly! Do check out our Knowledge Base docs. You can also use the chat box in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at [email protected].